Group Riding Etiquette

  • As a general rule, ride a foot away from the curb
  • Be aware of your surroundings when riding behind another rider
  • This is a tour, not a race, be patient.
  • When riding in two-by-two make sure your handlebar to handlebar to the rider next to you

o   Never sprint up ahead and disturb the flow

o   Moving ahead or behind the rider next to you is called ‘half-wheeling’

  • This is frowned upon in group rides


  • Use visual communication

o   Hand straight up in air:

  • Stopping, slowing, puncture or hazard

o   Hand out to the side slowly patting an invisible dog:

  • Slowing down

o   Left/right hand extended out to the side:

  • Indicating to turn left/right

o   Pointing down in a circular motion:

  • Obstruction on road to avoid
    • e.g. pothole, road-kill, drain covers etc.

o   Flat hand fingers loose waving (like scoring 4 in cricket)

  • Loose road surface

o   Waving or pointing behind back

  • Indicates riders to move in or out of the road to avoid obstructions:
    • E.g. pedestrians, parked cars etc.


  • Do not expect to pick these rules of etiquette up straight away. They come with lots of training!

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