Nutrition Advice

  • Liver has 100 grams of glycogen (fuel for brain, circulating glucose and exercise)
  • Muscle has 500 grams of glycogen (fuel for 2000 calories of work)
  • There is 25 grams of glucose in the bloodstream
  • You will bonk if you cross 2000-2500 calories without eating carbs. (That is around 4 hours of cycling.)
  • Glycogen stores in muscles are restored at a very slow rate of 2% per hour so it will require several days after exercise to replenish it. However, after exercise the muscles can replenish at a much faster rate. Thus carb loading immediately within the first half and one hour of exercise will replenish much glycogen.
  • 500 grams of carbs during the rest of the day will ensure that the muscle stores are replenished to 80-85% levels within 22 hours. This is an essential point if we have to do century rides each day.

Carb loading for the Ride 4 Peace

  • Ride hard 3 days before ride for peace. Then eat 2000 grams of carbs. You will be fully loaded for the ride when it starts.  

 More detail here:

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