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About Ahmadi Cycling Club (ACC)



This is The Ahmadi Cycling Club UK comprised of Cycling Ahmadi Youth of UK. Our aim is to fulfil the wishes of Hudur Aqdas (ayyadahu Allah ta’ala bi-nasrihi al-’aziz) and increase cycling among the Ahmadi Youth.


Cycling is healthy and one of the best forms of exercise. Cycling is the cheapest form of mechanical transport and is eight times faster than walking. Hudur Aqdas Hadhrat (ayyadahu Allah ta’ala bi-nasrihi al-’aziz) has encouraged Khuddam to take up cycling and to learn to ride long journeys (Student Mulaqat 2012 at Mahmood Hall).

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III (rahmat Allah ‘alayhi) also encouraged cycling; he said:

To maintain your health you should focus on cycling. Because science and research has told us that where cycling improves health it also safeguards a person from heart disease.

There are other advantages to cycling also. For example, many have to go out for household errands or go shopping. If you have a cycle you will save a lot of your quality time and the following glad tiding will also be fulfilled in your person that was given to the Promised Mahdi (as) in these words: “You are the sheikh, the Messiah, whose time shall not be wasted”. Thus we have to be attentive towards time-saving and obtain maximum benefit from the little available time.

An Ahmadi’s time should not be wasted. It is the duty of every Ahmadi that he does not let his time be wasted. If he has a cycle he will be able to fulfil his duty to his nafs (self) that is, he would exercise and also his work will also be completed quickly.

Why do you stand for buses and waste your time? Do Exercise, become healthy and ride a bicycle. I have said it before and I say it again today: In a short time I want 100,000 ‘Ahmadi Cycles’. An ‘Ahmadi Cycle’ is that which is ridden by an Ahmadi. And these 100,000 Ahmadi Cycles should have the ability to cycle upto 100 miles in a day.

(Mash’al-e-Rah Vol II page 384-386)

The Ahmadi Cycling Club has been formed to encourage cycling and organise rides. To become a member please email cycling@khuddam.org.uk

We have a Whatsapp group where all kinds of advice regarding bike buying, repairs and rides is given by experienced Ahmadi cyclists. We also organise group rides.

Chairman ACC: Dr Hammad Khan
ACC Secretary: Tauseef Khan
Contact: cycling@khuddam.org.uk
Twitter | Strava Page | Photostream of Rides

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